Oddball Hostel

Oddball Hostel’s mission is to provide low cost, high quality accommodation for both domestic and international tourists visiting the city of Willits. Our company’s core focus is to accommodate travelers who are traveling alone and or are unfamiliar with the city and seek an easy way to connect with other travelers.

Willits is located in the Redwood empire of Northern California and has a population of about 5,000 inhabitants. In 2019, Around 2 million tourists were visiting Willits each year. The city is considered “the gateway to the Redwoods” and is popular for its beautiful temperate redwood rainforest areas, native cultures, its downtown esplanade, and the proximity to the one of the most beautiful stretches of the Pacific Coast.

With its unique climate and abundant outdoor activities, Willits located in the north of California, we experience mild winters with an average temperature of 50°F, and summer temperatures 10 degrees less than surrounding towns.